Fire Trucks and Equipment

Step back in time and explore the history of firefighting at the Templeton Historical Museum Society’s fire exhibit! Witness the evolution of firefighting technology firsthand with our collection of historic fire trucks and equipment. Among the highlights are a remarkable 1926 Model T fire truck, a testament to the ingenuity of early firefighting crews. You’ll also see a classic 1934 fire truck, showcasing the changing tools used to combat blazes. For a true glimpse into the past, don’t miss the horse-drawn hose cart, a reminder of the dedication and physical strength required by firefighters of yesteryear.

1926 Model T Templeton Fire Truck in the process of restoration with George Nichols and Darrel Radford
1926 Model T Templeton Fire Truck in the process of restoration
Hand pulled cart with two 40 gallon chemical containers used by the Templeton Fire Department used 1909 to 1936

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